About Theta Healing

Theta Healing® is a way to change beliefs that impact the reality we experience.

 It brings the conscious and subconscious minds into harmony and balance, into a state of trust and safety. 

Theta Healing Sessions

Theta healing is designed to help in creating our lives effortlessly by transforming physical, emotional, energetic, historic, and genetic limitations.

These blocks can be investigated, understood, and replaced.

You may appreciate theta healing to support you in overcoming small obstacles in your life or deep-rooted trauma that keeps coming back and it might feel impossible to let go of.

​I found, that two sessions work better than one. That's why I decided to offer a deal

2 sessions for the price of 1

A deal for just £67 in total for a limited time

"I love using theta healing for getting to a root cause of an issue and resolving it, understanding the lesson learned from the challenge, and moving on"

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Beauty Vlogger

Business success healing package

"If you don't see yourself as a winner, you cannot perform as a winner"

The good news is,

that with theta healing we can heal the reasons you don't see yourself as a winner, 

and teach you a way to see how great you are at what you do.

This is a package of

2 - one hour sessions and

some homework in between the sessions 

This is a deal for £67 in total for a limited time

What do people say

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Tatiana Walker

It was a pleasure working with Judita. She is a metaphysical healer like myself and helped me to realize what was standing on my way to make millions. Now I know what to do.


I have learned to connect more deeply with myself and the divine.

I can now easily tap into my intuition and have more clarity on what actions to take.

I also have a much higher level of trust in me, the Divine, and that what I require will show up with ease

I came to Judita because I was not getting any clients. 

Since working with her in 2 sessions,

I have begun receiving inquiries about my offers and have been invited as a guest speaker on a worldwide Zoom

I am so grateful for you, your technique and your care.


I was struggling with addiction, major depression, and hopelessness. 

Through a session with Judita, I've learned to connect with the divine and love myself. 

I am grateful that she helped me kickstart my way out of the deep dark hole I was in.

Nasreen E.

Theta Healing Certifications

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