About Theta Healing

Theta Healing® is a way to change beliefs that impact the reality we experience.

A way to heal the energy rifts and blockages that occur due to our thoughts and beliefs. ThetaHealing® brings the conscious and subconscious minds into harmony and balance, into a state of trust and safety. 

Theta Healing Sessions

Theta healing is designed to create our lives effortlessly by transforming physical, emotional, energetic, historic, and genetic energy limitations. These blocks can be investigated, understood, and replaced.

You may have small obstacles in your life that you need help overcoming or deep-rooted trauma that is haunting you and your future and feels impossible to let go of.

Or, perhaps some persistent physical issues causing you discomfort?

Each session is unique for everyone and the results depend on your willingness to receive change. 

What would you like to work on? Please let me know when booking your session 

The sessions via zoom, skype, or messenger call.

The investment per 1-hour session is $88.

Discounts available in special cases.

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"I love using theta healing for getting to a root cause of an issue and resolving it, understanding the lesson learned from the challenge, and moving on"

Theta Healing Packages for bigger transformation

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