Prosperity & Sustainability through better Hydration & Mindset

Your intuition led you here — thank you for being present

I've always known, that there must be a way, that 

I can do something to bring more health, prosperity, connection, sustainability to the world on a big scale. And I was right! 

In 2019 as I was looking for a way to generate money online & travel and I came across a business model that ticks all the boxes. As I explain in the video below

I wouldn't be able to do all of this on my own. I am so very grateful that this business comes with

a like-minded community on a similar path!

Meet my Community

We are a community of health-conscious,

Earth-loving people that felt unfulfilled by conventional ways of working and wasting time at corporate jobs. 

We support people of all ages in creating a full time online income promoting healing & health-conscious sustainable living around the World

We are Connecting


The most fundamental human necessity


By alleviating the plastic pandemic of our planet.


That allows you to create the most abundant life!


That brings joy, creativity, friendship, and the best business partners into your life.

My vision

Is to live in abundance in a sustainable community, where our kids are free to play,

we grow our organic food, drink the healthiest water, host wellbeing events, collaborate, learn from each other, laugh a lot while making a global impact each in our unique way. 


This is why I am choosing to be a Kangen Water Distributor with the Breakaway Movement

You might not have total clarity on your purpose yet,  what exactly you desire to create and how is that going to generate money.

That is completely okay.

Here you can earn while you learn.


The Magic happens when you combine :

  • Mindset tools to believe in yourself & your vision on daily bases

  • Actionable steps to earn money online 

  • A Kangen water compensation plan

  • Healing sabotaging subconscious programs 

  • Accountability to keep you going

  • A supporting community of like-minded people

  • Tools to raise your vibe daily


And that’s exactly how I can contribute to you with total ease and joy. 



"Be the change you want to see in the World" and Get paid for it too ;)