Sustainability and low-tox living

Having been a professional Waste Awareness Manager I know very well, that the recycling industry is unable to deal with all the waste we are producing

Hey People!

It is absolutely necessary that we MINIMISE OUR CONSUMPTION OF PLASTIC and other resources.

The recycling industry is incapable of dealing with it all!

I have found a simple way to reduce plastic waste,

chemicals at home, have natural beauty and hair care, pet care products ...

I have a water ionizer at home that produces 5 types of water that can replace those and have a chemical-free, clean home. 

Find out about the 100 + uses of Kangen water 

Prosperity with Kangen water®

Curious about how to make money with this water? Watch a 50 -minute masterclass from my community and explore our 10k month strategy

4 Day free Sustainable Living Workshop

This is was a wonderful 4-day workshop lead by experts in my conscious community.
I was amazed at the stories, useful tips,
and knowledge shared. Here are the replays available to watch in your own time for free



  1. How to be more aware of the products you are using in your home

  2. How much waste you are putting out 

  3. What you’re putting into your body and how to reduce toxins 

  4. How this all plays a part in the sustainability of our Earth 

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