How I found an online business and marketing system for Conscious Entrepreneurs - The Freedom Era

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Since I totally believe "Ask & Receive" works, I have been asking the Universe:

What would it take to earn £10K a month with ease, joy & fun, spread even more consciousness while living on the seaside?

.... I knew I have to transition my face-to-face wellbeing business online so I can reach more people and work from anywhere. I was looking for a simple and abundant online business system for conscious entrepreneurs

A few days later, as I was scrolling Facebook, my awareness landed on a catchy post, that was somehow very attractive. Hmmmm, I thought I would love to have this energy in my posts in my business ...

I was invited to watch a webinar, first I was sceptical thinking, this is another MLM! I have just given up on the CBD oil business.

But my soul knew, to go ahead before falling into conclusions and explore what was on offer - The Freedom Era membership. If you'd like to check it out ---> CLICK HERE<---

And I am so happy I did!

In short these are the main benefits I received in 9 month since I am a member with The Freedom Era:

  • Gained the confidence to leave my job and move to Italy :)

  • I have learned and implemented various practical ways to monetise my uniqueness online

  • Found a way to be consistent in a way that works for me

  • I managed to transform the yacky energy of my posts promoting my business


  • Being part of a mastermind with people, that have similar goals is priceless

The benefit of the community

We have an ongoing community masterminds to support and inspire each other through ups and downs, team chat pods and calls with leaders. We celebrate each other's success, however big or small

I have been in communities before, but this one has the knowledge to success too

As we know, life goes up and down. And when I was trying to build my business alone I often lost drive, motivation, direction as the doubt took over and I just stopped for weeks, given up on my projects "because I was not going to succeed anyway", based on my past experiences.

Now it is sooo different. We work in teams, have community chat pods with daily tips from leaders and questions from others who go through similar struggles as me.

I can relate to the success of other people and think: 


I also love the business structure of 80% inner work and 20% technical system

This is very important bit, which in practice means, that we have to spend much more time with our inner growth than the technical bits. We have loads of wonderfully wo-wo people, that taught me numerology, journalling, visualisation, a morning routine that works for me,.... and many more


Honestly, this is the best quality and VALUE mentorship I have ever come across, it works for me because it is the PERFECT COMBINATION OF INNER WORK AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE 

It is very inspiring to see many people that started in debt, but managed to change their scarcity mindset and now they earn 6-7 figures with ease. If they can do it, so can I!

The business is set up in a very smart way, where leaders supporting the newbies benefits from their wins too

So is it an MLM pyramid?

No, this business is based on affiliate marketing with a unique compensation plan. Not a pyramid, where only the leaders on the top gets to make a lot f money. Anyone in this business has a chance to earn very well.

How do you make money?

Many people use the knowledge from The Freedom Era training to market their own offers. 

In the Freedom Era we also introduce people to our favourite affiliate products from Enagic, that are perfect for wellbeing professionals and people, who care about a sustainable future and the planet

P.S: I hope this has helped you to make an informed choice, whether to choose this for you or not. If you are curious, you can try it risk free with a 10 day free trial

---> CLICK HERE<---

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