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What is a likely return on investment on a water ionizer for an average family of four?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

You might already be familiar with ionized water and the potential benefits of this innovative Japanese water technology.

I truly believe these machines are worth the investment and to illustrate my point of view,

I've created a story about an average family of four, the Smarts :)

The Smarts are aware that 70% of their body is water and they desire to drink the healthiest available water at home. They came across 'electrolyzed reduced water' when researching something to help with chronic constipation & eczema. They decided to purchase the best, certified medical grade machine on the market - the K8.

The K8 is a Japanese medical device with multiple certifications and the potential to create the best drinking water from our tap water, it also helps to create a chemical and toxic-free, healthy home, which is priceless for health conscious families that don't want to ingest harmful toxins and chemicals.

The question is, could this family be saving more money than they spend?

Firstly, let’s see how much the K8 costs in total with the upkeep. (You can purchase cheaper machines/filters etc., but for now let’s use the highest costing product)

The investment into the K8 is €4550 Inc. VAT and the Smarts decided to finance their machine through their bank and pay 200 euros monthly for the duration of 2 years.

They knew, if they look after their machine, it can nourish their family with great mineral and antioxidant-rich drinking water and help them create a toxic free household for the next 25 + years.

The machine arrives straight away and they immediately start drinking the water and stop buying bottled water & household cleaning products

Below are the average costs for household items, that they would be purchasing, if they didn't have this machine.

The list of things we can replace with different pH of ionized water is endless! Medical and first aid creams/sprays, deodorant, eye washes, bath salts etc are not even included on here. For more info on how it works, request the Eco Ebook at the end of this post.

The Smarts used to spend around 188 euros per month on cleaning products, personal care and bottled water and in the same time produced 127 plastic containers!

Now they refill their bottles for the whole family and even neighbors and they pay 200 euros a month for 2 years, until they fully own their machine.

After that they will be saving 188 euros a month.

And it gets better:

  • They've stopped pouring chemicals down the drain (because they use 2.5pH and 11.5 pH water for cleaning and disinfecting)

  • They experience better hydration, have more energy & better digestion and sleep ...

  • Their neighbors want to get their ionizer water machine too, so the Smarts will get their first commision of 250 euros for their first K8 sale. Find out more about how the business works here

Disclaimer: This is just an illustration, not a guarantee that you will have the same results.

What's my experience with creating a toxic-free household?

I was never big on cleaning the house and my partner was even a little worried about how will our house look like when we move in together :)

I think he was worried that he will have to do all the cleaning alone! haha

When I got my water ionizer and cleaning became one of my relaxing activities,

because I get to do it in a sustainable & healthy way and that brings me satisfaction & joy.

I still don't overdo it, but when I do, I enjoy it.

Receive a free e-book about creating a chemical & toxic free household with ionized water below

BONUS: Becoming a distributor doesn't cost you any extra money at all, but it might bring back your investment in a few sales. Check out the compensation plane here

I am happy to answer any questions, or arranging the purchase of your machine, please book a call with me here

I am looking forward to hear your comments below.



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