What does it take to be CONSISTENT with an online business?

Updated: Apr 5

Good question!

When my first mentor, Paul O'Mahony told me, that I have to pick a direction for my business and be consistent posting on my social media channels daily, I felt a heaviness in my body.

Yack, that feels like a boring chore :(

Of course, I thought he is wrong and there must be a different possibility for spiritual people like me! That I can just jump from one direction to another one because

"I am following the energy" and it's okay that:

One day I am a yoga teacher doing online yoga classes. The next week I start an online meditation group and abandon the yoga classes because they didn't work anyway. By the way, the meditation classes didn't work out well either, so there must be something else I am meant to be doing? Hmm I wonder, if I can offer Access Consciousness tools online .....

Have you been in a similar situation?

It is something like wanting to dig a well, then digging a small hole and moving to another location to dig another hole, then another small hole somewhere else, ... but actually not staying long enough in any one location to finish the well

What is it, that would excite you so much that would make you jump out of the bed in the morning?

Don't worry if you don't have the answer right now

Many times it will come to you after you've dug enough "small holes" and found out what you don't want to be doing :)

So, I think, it is more important to start somewhere and learn from experience, rather than waiting for the right way to start, because you could be waiting forever wasting valuable experiences.

What I found works well for me is:

  • Having a vision of where I am going and what am I creating

  • Asking questions and having flexibility with how to get there

  • Having chosen a vehicle that has an amazing potential to get me there

  • Being accountable to my team through weekly calls, messages, co-creation

  • My morning practice - tuning into the vision, pulling energy, asking questions

  • Creating content and projects, that build each other up - they link together

  • Celebrating each little win and asking "How does it get any better than this"?

  • When something doesn't work out as expected, not judging me, but ask "How does it get any better than this?", "What else is possible?"

  • Saying NO to distractions

  • Choosing and investing in a system that works for me and for people that paved the road before me - the Freedom Era in combination with Access Consciousness tools

What would work for you?

If you require support with any of this, I am offering free 30 min strategy calls, that you can book --->here <----

Don't forget

Anything is possible, when you have the tools

with love


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