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6 Steps to making ALIGNED CHOICES

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It used to be a big dilemma for me, whether I am making the right choice led by my higher self, or the wrong one directed by my ego.

I often found myself doubting my past choices, which kept me stuck blaming myself.

If you are there too read on

I have worked on this a lot and will share

the 6 most important steps

that helped me to make aligned choices:

1. The knowing that there are no right or wrong choices,

just choices that create more of what we want or less at the moment.

With every choice, we get closer to our desires or gain an experience.

Experiences are the wealth of the soul, so in each case, we win.

Therefore on the soul level, there ARE NO WRONG CHOICES.

2. Heal the root cause of not trusting yourself

Here is how I do this:

Become present with the energy of not trusting yourself

When did it start? Childhood, past life or you can't remember ...?

Send unconditional love to that part of yourself until you heal the wound,

feel those emotions and release them from your body.

Fill that space with unconditional love

I use theta healing to heal the root cause of trauma and it works really well.

Here is a short video to try Theta healing meditation.

You can also do journaling or your own way of healing

3. Fear

Is there fear of making the wrong choice?

What would be the worst thing that could happen if you made the wrong choice?

That's what you get to heal and stop being afraid of it.

This might be based on past trauma from childhood or a past life. We also inherit fear-based programs from our ancestors that intend to keep us safe.

Again I've healed many of my fears through theta healing, and other modalities could work well too.

Leave a comment below if you have a recommended technique

4. Reframe the old story

"I don't know how to make the right choices" to " I am learning to make aligned choices"

and keep LEARNING this new skill

5. Choose a testing method

that you will use to recognize when a choice creates more in your life and when it doesn't.

Examples of such tools are:

- Light and Heavy - well explained by Dr. Dain Heer at Access Consciousness

- Channeling

- Muscle testing - a kinesiology body practice

- Asking a Pendulum

- Focusing on your solar plexus or heart chakra for a nudge


with it, practice on small things like food, whether to go out with a guy or not, what to wear...

P.S. More Support

I am happy to offer my support through one on one Theta Healing sessions

It is important,

that in each challenge we find the lesson and make sure we have learned it. This way we choose to close this chapter and stop being stuck in the same issue.

That's why I wrote this blog post. It is so healing to share my experiences and let others learn faster.

Here is my story

How to make aligned choices Judita Koteles

For a few months, I have been doubting, whether starting a Kangen water business was the right choice for me and I kept stopping and starting it again and again.

Of course with this energy, my business couldn't move forward and I felt stuck.

Something had to change

When my year-long membership with The Freedom era

(Australian Kangen water-based online business community) was ending, I knew I had to make a choice

whether to keep learning from them for another year

or completely drop the Kangen business & focus on something else,

or join another community locally in the Czech Republic.

But this would require purchasing another Enagic machine under the Czech distributor.

I left this "big decision" until the last minute

In the meanwhile, I have been working on the 6 steps above :) so no time has been wasted.

We are ready when we are ready.

When the time to choose came an amazing thing happened ...

I went into my room, sat down in meditation, and decided to stay there until I make a choice.

I connected to source energy through Theta healing meditation and asked for guidance.

I was open to receive guidance in any shape or form

Shortly I had a vision of an old woman coming towards me, pointing to my solar plexus and disappearing. Immediately, I became strongly aware of the sensations in my solar plexus and used the Light and Heavy tool asking these questions:

- TRUTH, WHAT DOES IT CREATE, IF I STAY WITH MY CURRENT COMMUNITY FOR ANOTHER YEAR? Eeeee, I had a feeling of contraction, unpleasant emotions, ...


I felt empty and not joyful


(or "How is my life in a year if I choose this? And how is my life if I don't?"

I felt an opening in my solar plexus, joy, fun, possibilities, happiness!

I thought of the Kangen mentor I chose - Adele Rumrichova and my soul said YEESS!

I want to learn from her, it felt very light

The aligned choice was crystal clear but ...

Choose the Czech community. My higher self obviously didn't mind me investing 2600 EUR

into a luxury shower filter called Anespa and starting my Kangen business from scratch.

However hard it felt to leave The Freedom era behind, I knew I have to honor the guidance

I've just received. It felt good to trust me and make a jump

It was in May 2021, that I became part of the Breakaway Movement with a czech Community

More Than Water

Since then, my business is happily growing and I am enjoying learning more about sustainability &

the healing power of our water that's changing people's lives

I think it is important to grow my business locally in the Czech Republic too.

People are thirsty for healthy water

Now I regularly ask for guidance and when I do, things are happening in flow without

me having to push.

P. S.

If you'd like help with healing whatever is holding you back from trusting yourself fully,

I am happy to offer my support through one on one Theta Healing sessions.

If you have any comments or questions about any of this, please leave a comment below, or contact me. Thank you for reading this far.

With Love


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