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Our body is around 70% water, therefore it just makes sense to drink good quality water.
The next logical question is, what is the best quality water available to you?

This is a complex question and I don't think there is a one size fits all answer.

It depends on your location, health, budget, needs, and even goals in life...

That's why I've developed a Workshop about Water quality, that shows you how to choose the best water for you.

The Workshop about Water

and living a low-toxic life

You'll learn

  • to recognize the way your body communicates with you regarding what you consume

  • the latest research about bottled, tap, filtered, and ionized water

  • healthy bathing water 

  • criteria to consider when choosing a water purification system

  • simple changes to start creating your low-toxic household 

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Local Hydration Station

Ústí nad Labem, ČR

Detox and energize your body with high-quality ionized water




Try, how your body responds to antioxidant-rich, highly hydrating water.

Apply below for the free 14-day water trial

Ústí nad Labem and close area only


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Living in Gratitude, Replacing self-judgment with self-love,

Practice Abundance

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The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

It was a pleasure working with Judita. She is a metaphysical healer like myself and helped me to realize what was standing on my way to make millions. Now I know what to do.

- Tatiana W

Through working with Judita I learned to ask better questions, let go of old programs & welcome change.

I wanted to find a relationship and right after the session, I was on a date.

We knew each other from before, but after my session with Judita I was able to open up to receive a relationship.

- Andrea S

During a session, I finally understood that I have nothing to worry about.

I can't lose or I can't make wrong decisions because I really am infinite. It gave me such freedom and confidence that I launched my business within a few days and I'm already working with amazing clients, getting results not only personally but also financially.

- Piroska A

About me

My name is Judita Koteles

and I believe the future is bright. 

I know I am here to guide people to live in harmony with nature while getting paid for being in their zone of genius

My vision is to live in a community in harmony with nature, perhaps a small ecovillage where we collaborate, learn from each other, create holistic events and workshops while

THRIVING & LIVE JOYFULLY changing lives generations ahead 

The great news is, that in 2019 I have manifested a business that is helping to create this vision!!!!

I am on the way :)

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