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A workshop about water
& low toxic life

Is detoxing your body important to you?

Did you know that various waters have different detoxifying properties?

Not all water is healthy,  especially if it's been sitting in plastic for a while or it's lacking electrolytes.

Here you'll learn about the power of water and the most dangerous toxins to avoid around your drinks, food & body 

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Presented by Judita Koteles

Judita is a waste management professional,  Theta Healer, Yoga Teacher, and Hydration specialist too.

In other words, a Sustainable Entrepreneur committed to sharing TRUE HEALTH with people that are looking for it.

Why do I do this Workshop?

I know how difficult and tiring it is to learn the honest truth about water purification systems. Everyone on Google claims to be the only best company to buy from. 

In the past, I have also tried to find the best water filter for the minimum price and I always got really tired and gave up my research. 

But in 2019, I've met a community, who taught me,

what I needed to know to be able to choose drinking and bathing water for myself. 

Now I am simply passing the knowledge further, so we can all live a healthier, happier life.

Free Gifts

Pencil and notepad

You'll receive a free Cheat-Sheet
listing the most harmful endocrine disruptors & carcinogens to avoid

You'll receive free access to my online Health Library of books & scientific papers in case you feel like researching this topic in more depth

In this workshop we will cover

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Image by Caju Gomes

Who is this for

For health-conscious people that:

  • desire to learn what is the healthiest available water for them

  • want to grow a healthy family and lower the number of toxins ingested from plastics and detergents

  • desire to create a sustainable future for the next generations​

Copyright Judita Koteles 2021

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