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Hello, I am Judita Koteles and here is my story ...

As a local Yoga teacher & Access Bars Facilitator, I have been searching for a business model,

that would allow me to change lives globally,

pay me well even on my travels, and help me create a wellbeing retreat center in harmony with nature. 

In 2019 I came across this conscious business community through a FB post of my friend. When I watched a webinar similar to this, I cried because I knew it's an answer to my prayers.

I've seen the potential in this business to KEEP US HEALTHY & GENERATE MONEY online consistently beyond my dreams, and I chose it. Little did I know about the upcoming pandemic and the blessings this business will provide. 

Since then I left my job and became a full-time entrepreneur and it has been a journey of growth with a generous compensation plan attached.

What is actually possible here?

Many people in our community have supported their healing or coaching business with an additional income, retired their husband, healed their scarcity mindset and their bodies, supported their kids, others have bought land in nature & are creating sanctuaries 

Your Host for the Masterclass

This webinar is presented by Kristie X Ord, one of my coolest mentors! She says she is an average woman with 2 kids, yet she created a few mil$ with this business in 3 years!

That makes me feel that I can actually do that too

The funniest thing about Kristie is, that she often breastfeeds during webinars like this. 

Not on this one :)

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Under Water

What you'll discover

  •  How to create a conscious income online, that does good for you, others and the planet based on the PRINCIPLE OF TRUE HEALTH

  • How to leverage the power of a community, so you don't have to do everything on your own anymore

  • The new earth business vehicle that’s creating a huge impact across the planet - it's automated, it's online, it's recession-proof!

  • How to create a legacy that pays you each month, for life! We're all working for the next 5 years, are you on track to creating generational wealth whilst being paid to be you?

  • The 3 keys to creating success online. Learn how you can leverage a High Impact, High Income Business, Personal Brand, Automation, and Education to build your dream life


You are one step away from a completely different life ...

Are you gonna choose it?