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Weekly Abundance Meditations
& chat

Here you have the chance to create a habit of feeling good, abundant, at ease with life. 

At the moment we meet on Friday afternoons 5 pm CET for Abundance Meditation and chat. Join our "Anchor in Abundance" WhatsApp group for inspiration and accountability. 

Many books, courses, and meditations are available on the topic of abundance and prosperity, yet

we often slip back to scarcity and fear around the lack of money.


I personally have taken a few courses about Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness

But I haven't experienced permanent change in my mindset and finances.

If you are reading this, you might be in a similar situation.

I think I've found the way forward, so keep reading ...


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My two-step recipe to an Abundant Mindset is

1. Heal the undeserving, unloved parts of you through a technique, that works for you. I use Theta Healing because it goes to the root cause of the issue and allows it to heal through source energy. We, healers, get sometimes tangled up in wanting to heal it all before we allow ourselves to relax into Abundance. But it is not necessary or even possible to heal everything forever. 


2. You get to practice becoming the NEW ABUNDANT YOU.  Do this by creating the habit of thinking, feeling, and being the abundant version of yourself via a regular abundance practice.

One of my Abundance teachers had an hourly alarm set to remind her of feeling abundant. What can you put in place, that would remind you of

the Abundant version of YOU?

Feel free to join our group for accountability and inspiration.

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