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A healthy, sustainable, profitable online business model

Were you born with a desire to be a contribution to people and the planet?

There is a way to be paid for being your authentic self, delivering your message online, and having a bigger impact & automated funnels for income. Have you thought about creating a Personal Brand online with a Compensation Plan attached?

More Health for you

and your family

For more than 40 years, ionized water has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state.


Transform your ordinary tap water into antioxidant-rich, alkaline, micro-clustered drinking water.

Scientific research available too

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I am creating a reality overflowing with health, happiness & abundance for myself and others. Part of this vision is a wellbeing sanctuary, our own piece of healthy land.

It will serve us as a home and a wellbeing retreat, co-working & co-living space.


My vision has been strongly influenced by the vision of

Mr. Oshiro, the founder of Enagic. 

He inspired me by creating Enagic in 1974 in Japan on the principles of TRUE HEALTH consisting of true physical, financial and spiritual health.  

Health, Happiness, Prosperity

We deserve it All

A bit about me


Such as having a business that's changing lives massively across the World, bringing people more Health, Wealth, Happiness & Consciousness.

In 2017 I realized, that NOBODY WILL CREATE THIS DREAM FOR ME. I get to do that


So I got off my pretty bum and started searching, learning, trying, investing, failing, and getting up again ... and the dream is unfolding step by step! 

I have left my full-time job in 2020 June, working online creating my personal brand since. We spent 3 months in Sicily and more in the Czech Republic

I am passionately supporting Lightworkers and other good-doers that care about the wellbeing of others and the planet to step up and do their best to make a positive impact


My name is Judita 

and I've always had BIG DREAMS

I am curious to hear, what are you up to and how can we contribute to each other

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Based in Decin, Czech Republic at the moment


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