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Healthy Body
Healthy Mind
Healthy Planet

True Health starts with you

I work with people who are ready to discover their unique path to

Health, Happiness, and Abundance while creating a Sustainable Future.

Yes, you are right, this requires a tripple bottom-line business model.

Meet Judita

Here to co-create an Abundant Planet

I believe the future is bright,

and I know I am here to guide people to live in harmony with nature while getting paid for being in their zone of genius

My vision is to live in a community in harmony with nature, perhaps a small ecovillage where we collaborate, learn from each other, create holistic events and workshops while

THRIVING & LIVE JOYFULLY changing lives generations ahead 

The great news is, that in 2019 I have manifested a business that is helping to create this vision!!!!

I am on the way :)

What I Specialize In

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Living in Gratitude

Living in Gratitude, Replacing self-judgment with self-love,

Practice Abundance

Holistic Health

Theta Healing®

Kangen Water®

Access Consciousness®


Zero waste 

Low Tox Living

Sustainable Community

Get paid online for Being You

Personal Branding




Attraction Marketing

Marketing Strategy




Family Garden

The Journey Towards Abundance Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

It was a pleasure working with Judita. She is a metaphysical healer like myself and helped me to realize what was standing on my way to make millions. Now I know what to do.

- Tatiana Walker

I initially came here to learn marketing for my own products but WOW was I blown out of the water of what it really looked like for me to be a successful artist online... I’ve stepped into a whole new paradigm & finally see a world of visionaries living in their truth & abundance simultaneously!!!!!

- Sabre Buffy

As a travelling yoga teacher I reached a point where I was fed up living in scarcity. This business model has expanded my vision for what's possible in my life. I am dedicated to staying the course because I clearly see the life long legacy income for me and my daughter

- Magdalena Rod