Online business for Lightworkers

Wellbeing business owners, dreamers, healers ...

What does it take for us to thrive in 2021 and beyond ?


Aligned Energy


A Good Strategy


"A good strategy for your business is like the riverbank that holds the flow of the river"​

You are here to facilitate deep & powerful transformation for the world.

Don't wait any longer to figure out how exactly it will look like because it is a journey.

Start where you are now.

So what's the next step for your

unique online business?

It might be learning storytelling, or finding the right high ticket offer for you.

I chose to partner with Enagic Kangen water for multiple reasons (health, prosperity, community, personal growth, and sustainability).  


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Connect to Source Energy and create from the space of Abundance

Easier said than done, I thought ...

But self-sabotage was my biggest obstacle to trusting myself & receiving Abundance.

I've tried hundreds of tools and modalities to change it and allow myself to open up to receiving.

This journey brought me confidence and patience to work with others, who are on the journey to receiving it all in business and life.

How I contribute to you?

For a limited time, I offer complimentary calls gifting you my presence and powerful tools that can change anything


A little bit about me

"I wonder, what are the greatest possibilities available today?"

I love living in the energy of limitless possibilities

& Abundance.

Big fan of holistic wellbeing, including healthy food & water and tools to quiet the mind and find peace.

Living in harmony with nature in a sustainable community & offering retreats, workshops has always been my dream.

In 2015 I started offering wellbeing services as a local Yoga teacher & Access Bars Facilitator. It was amazing to see people change and recognise possibilities where there were problems before. 

But I really wanted to be location independent and reach bigger audiences with my awesome tools.

So in 2018, I started investing and learning what social media marketing is and how to use it to generate money and impact people's lives with my message.

Now I combine online marketing with Access Consciousness tools, Theta Healing and having fun.


Check out my Youtube Channel for my favourite tools and how I use them  


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